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Kiss Kiss Bang - 'Hearts On Fire' EP Review


1. Headchange

2. Hearts On Fire

3. Shes Bad

4. Run To You

5. When It Rains

6. My Last Goodbye

Kiss Kiss Bang released their new EP “Hearts On Fire” at the end of May. Hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky they describe themselves as ‘A Classic Rock n’ Roll quintet’ who deliver ‘Eagle-style vocals’. Quite a lot to live up to…are they the real deal or are they as fake as the massacre that was claimed to have happened in their home town?

Well, after listening to the EP a few times, I can only conclude that they must have indeed recruited Kellyanne Conway to assist with their PR. The EP itself consist of 6 songs and tops out at 29 minutes, most of which you will find yourself trying to work out who they remind you of.

Don’t feel bad, it took me 3 listens to work out they remind you of that band “No Vacancy” from School of Rock; I know I’m probably doing them a disservice, but with the number of lyrical and musical clichés that abound within this EP it’s hard to stop those images coming into your head. And then there’s the cover version…now I have nothing against Bryan Adams, but you’d think that a ‘powerhouse of a raw and electric modern slam band (sic)’ would pick something a little less MOR as a cover. Even worse is the fact that it is such a plodding and insipid version…in fact it’s so plodding that it even manages to be over 20 seconds longer than the original!

So, as you may be able to tell, this one was not for me and I would advise you steer clear too. There are much better ways to waste 29 minutes of your life, such as grouting your neighbour’s bathroom or alphabetising your tin cupboard.

Review - Chris Watson

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