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All Get Out - 'Northport Sessions' EP Review


1. Goddamn (Northport Sessions)

2. Namesake (Northport Sessions)

3. Archives (Northport Sessions)

4. First Contact (Northport Sessions)

5. Northport

All Get Out have released their EP 'Northport Sessions' and expect something a bit different from the Indie Punk band. This EP is turned right down and expresses a humble, meloncholy beauty that haunts you to the bone. Lead singer, Nathan Hussey's vocal lingers on this EP creating an involving sadness to the heart, but ultimately appreciation of the direction 'Northport Sessions' presents. 'Goddamn' shows this direction wonderfully with an elegant sultry vocal, which hooks and reels you in over a gentle backline of delayed guitars and spooky atmosphere. A subtle progression of emotion is a reflection of the next track. Effortlessly beautiful, 'Namesake' will have you unable to resist being wrapped up in the vocal harmonies and stripped back instruments. A bit of electronica and lyrically strong, 'Archives' casually immerses with thoughtful guitars leading you into one of the stand out tracks, 'First Contact'. The track spills with vocal control and just has a stadium vibe with everyone just getting involved after maybe a long bad day. It's a peaceful song true, but the muffled distorted guitars ring and builds the track to a bit of magic. Finishing the EP is the delicate 'Northport'. Dialled back guitar melodies sit deliciously under, again, a treat of exquisite vocal hooks and emotive vibes that perfectly sums up this passionate project. A bold statement from All Get Out, 'Northport Sessions' is an enticing listen and demonstrates the love of songwriting with an innocence and skill. The EP is available now and I would really recommend giving it the time it deserves.

Review - Olly Dean

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