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Marianas Trench Release Video For New Single 'Glimmer'

The Canadian multi-platinum selling Progressive Pop band Marianas Trench have released a video for

the song ‘Glimmer’, which is included on their new album, ‘Phantoms’.

A fan favourite live on stage and via streams, it telegraphs the sense of abandonment and loss that focussed the songwriting of lead singer Josh Ramsay from the outset. Seeing the new record as a space possessed by the spirit of a lingering, unforgettable loss, he explains: “I was basically thinking about someone falling into madness while living in a house haunted by the ghost of a former love. As dark as that sounds, for me that also means a rebirth and comes from a healthy place. I was looking for inspiration and read a ton of Edgar Allen Poe. I was also inspired by the Netflix series ’The Haunting Of Hill House' and the idea that ghosts mean different things to different people and can also represent hope."

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