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Northlane Release New Single 'Talking Heads'

Sydney Metallers, Northlane have released their brand-new single, 'Talking Heads' taken from their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Alien, out August 2 via UNFD.

Speaking on Talking Heads, vocalist Marcus Bridge says ''Talking Heads' talks about the insecurities and anxiety that come with growing up in a violent home with drug addicted parents. That trauma had made it difficult to express my thoughts and ideas in the past, both emotionally and creatively.'

He adds, 'We started working on this song pretty early in the process and I think writing it actually started to erase a lot of that insecurity, helping me open up a lot more for the rest of Alien. I think it's important to know that there are a lot of people who feel the same way. I hope with this song and the issues talked about on rest of the album, that people will start to feel comfortable opening up about their past, turning it from a weakness to a strength in the process.'

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