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Surprises - 'Natural Disaster' Album Review


1. Tell The World

2. Natural Disaster

3. El Salvador

4. Overloaded

5. The Mistress And Her Heart

6. I Hate Myself

7. I Can't See You Em

8. Dixie

9. I'll Drive

10. What's Wrong With This World

11. A Peace Anthem

Surprises is the brain child of now singer songwriter Brooks Paschal. Having released three albums already with the band Sullivan, Brooks has released his own personal story in the form of 'Natural Disaster'. The record pulls no punches lyrically and as Brooks states, "while writing, I've never thought to myself, 'kids wont like this,' or 'people will love this" The album certainly follows through with this sentiment and immerses you in his world. 'Tell The World' initiates a Pop Rock bounce with a fun feel and establishes the design for the record. Title track 'Natural Disaster' cements the theme with a story of a broken relationship, with Pop Punk vocal hooks and an involving backline leading you into the catchy 'El Salvador'. The guitar chord structure has a darker aura and offers an angrier flavour that catches you with a sing along chorus. The album continues on a playful but emotive road with tracks such as 'Overloaded' and 'The Mistress And Her Heart'. Utilizing Brooks's delicate vocals and effective storytelling the album reigns you in leaving a harmless smile on your face. 'I Hate Myself' is an honest perception of self criticism, offering an infectious guitar melody and angst. Songs such as 'I Cant See You Em' and 'Dixie' follow the same path we are used to with to the point lyrics and a gloomy energy that rings true and nicely sets you up for the joyful 'I'll Drive'. Starting with an almost 80's style synth the track bursts with an elegant chorus, which is a welcomed change of direction from the verse melodies. A stand out track on the record, 'What's Wrong With This World', peppers you with a gracious ecoustic start with fitting and beautiful vocals. It's gentle but effective, leaving you warm and comforted. Ending on 'A Peace Anthem', you are treated to powerful guitars and crowd participation vocal harmonies that is engaging and has an innocence to it. If your a fan of Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182 this album may be for you. A harmless and enjoyable record, 'Natural Disaster' is available now.

Review - Olly Dean

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