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Get Your Head Straight - 'Contrast' EP Review


1. Excuses

2. Swansea

3. Two Sided

4. Posture

5. Medusa

6. Consider

The EP opener got me interested, Get Your Head Straight are a decent Punk Rock band. They made me think at times of Sum 41 and bands of the ilk, at times it verges into Green Day territory, what it never quite does is create anything unique.

As an EP this is a decent introduction to the band. They are not about quiet, reflective songs, guitars are turned up loud, drums are played like the drummer’s life depends on it and the vocals are perfect for this type of music.

My problem is I didn’t hear anything to make them stand out from other bands. Don’t get me wrong, they are a good band and I’d happily listen to them some more, but I think they need to work out what it is that will distinguish them and go for that.

Lots of people will like this EP, there is a big demographic out there of people who really will enjoy this and it should do well. I used to be one of them but, and I suspect it’s me who has changed, I felt this needed something more.

I’ve heard a lot of great new music recently; this EP is not quite in that league. This is decent, if not ground-breaking, addition to the new releases so far this year.

Give it a go, you may decide I need my head examined as I suspect this band could quite easily be huge, the components are all there.

Review - Iain McClay

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