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BONES UK Release Video For New Single 'Filthy Freaks'

Today L.A.-based, London-bred duo BONES UK - comprised of vocalist Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg - have shared a video for their new single "Filthy Freaks". The track is taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album, out on 12 July via Sumerian Records. On “Filthy Freaks”, the band twists the narrative of societal expectations of beauty into an all-out celebration of the perfectly imperfect. While working on ideas for the video, vocalist Rosie Bones waded through concepts of powerful women, women with control over men and female icons that are painted as 'feminine' and 'soft', but still maintain a darkness and great power. It was when she came across a quote about Sirens that she hit upon the concept: the idea of Sirens sitting atop a landfill of rubbish and men, making a statement of empowerment and contributing to today's social commentary. Rosie explains: "Mermaids nowadays have this reputation of being very 'girly' and a bit 'sucrose'. Loved by little girls. BUT I went back to the fact that in Greek Mythology they were TOUGH. Feared in fact. I came up with this phrase 'URBAN MERMAID' and started going down that rabbit hole, asking: "What would mermaids look like...have to deal with... if they lived in todays oceans?" Pollution. Overfishing. Survival. "They wouldn't be conventionally 'beautiful' or 'pristine'. They would be scarred and damaged, missing arms through speedboat accidents. Their tails wouldn't be glittery and polished, they would be tough like a cod's tail, with piercings in their fins. Their hair, not well brushed and flowing but tangled and ratty - with various plastic treasures caught amongst their braids." "The whole video once again touches on a theme we play with a lot musically, that you can be tough and feminine, powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. The song 'Filthy Freaks' is about just that. That we should embrace our quirks and eccentricities. Let's be proud to be freaks."

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