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Spotlight: 'Camden Rocks Festival 2019: What You Need To Know And Our Must See Bands'

Camden Rocks Festival 2019 is the biggest and best value multi-venue all-day music event of the UK festival calendar. Progressively expanding each year - 2019 will take place across 20 of Camden Town’s legendary music venues and features 400 bands, its become the annual highlight for many in the London locality, and far beyond.

Festival organiser Chris McCormack - formerly of Creation Records-signed quartet 3 Colours Red - promotes Camden’s best club nights all-year round under the Camden Rocks Presents moniker, putting on over 300 gigs each year, scouting the country’s finest new talent to showcase alongside some of the biggest names in Rock, Indie and Punk at Camden Rocks Festival every year. “The festival is a total celebration of what Camden is all about as the creative hub of the UK music scene,” he adds. “The clubs and venues here have been, and continue to, host some of the now-biggest names in music in their fledging stages. In the past we've had Catfish & The Bottlemen playing the Barfly to 100 people. So many great bands have cut their teeth here and it’s a pleasure to continue to fly the flag high for new, up and coming bands alongside the big names each year.”

Below is a map of this years venues and where they're located.

With so many bands playing it is near impossible to do a full break down of exactly who you should see, but all the same here is our personal must sees.


[Spunge] are a Ska Punk band from Tewkesbury, England. The band have announced that they are writing new songs and instead of a new album release they will be releasing the new tracks regularly throughout 2019 as singles, so fingers crossed for some new tunes at the show.

Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six have created their own indescribable genre. Kerrang! gave it a go as "taking Ska, Pop, Grime, Dubstep, Punk and Metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid", which is pretty spot on. Their energy onstage is electric and they have always been the highlight of any festival I have seen them play.

Random Hand

Random Hand are a heavy Ska Punk band formed in West Yorkshire back in 2002. They announced on Facebook that they would be going on indefinite hiatus to allow them to spend time with their families in 2015. I was lucky enough to catch their last show on September 13th 2015 at the Camden Underworld. The atmosphere was fantastic and as you’d expect, full of emotion. We knew it wasn’t the definite end and the boys would be back, I am so hyped to see them again, this one is not to be missed!

Frank Turner

Frank Turner is an English Punk and Folk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire. When I first saw Frank Turner back in 2013 I think it was the first time I felt like I was part of something bigger than just a live show. The audience was 100% connected like one big happy family. I need to experience that again which is why Frank Turner is a must see!

The Brandy Thieves

The Brandy Thieves are a Gypsy Punk band from my hometown of Leicester. I had the pleasure of seeing them in a small Irish bar and they brought the house down. I am very excited to see them a few years on as they have recently been selected as one of the top twenty festival acts to see in the UK this summer.

Millie Manders And The Shutup

Millie Manders And The Shutup “create cross-genre Punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section.” I’m not going to lie that was copied straight from their website. When I was asked to put this list together I thought I’d listen to a couple of bands I hadn’t heard of before and approximately 53 seconds into their song Spotify recommended for me, ‘Right To Life’, I knew I had to see them. Her voice is incredible and as soon as those horns hit I was hooked.


MUTANT MONSTER are a 3 piece Japanese Girl band. Formed in Japan in 2008 by the sisters BE & MEANA then drummer CHAD joined the band in 2012. Again, I hadn’t heard of them until writing this list, but they've got a Baby Metal vibe from their photo, and I love me some BABYMETAL. I put them on and this time it only took about 20 seconds of listening to ‘ABNORMAL’ to add them to the do not miss list! Disclaimer: they are nothing like Baby Metal, they are for fans of Joan Jett, The Clash, and The Ramones.

Hands Off Gretel

Hands Off Gretel are an Alternative Rock/Grunge Pop band from South Yorkshire. If you’re a fan of Gwen Stefani style swagger or Nirvana-esque Grunge, then you are going love Hands Off Gretel. They are on the rise and I am very excited to see them play live.


Wheatus are an American Rock band who formed back in 1995. Next year will see the 20th anniversary of they’re self-titled debut album, featuring a single which sold over 5 million copies, that’s right, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ and who doesn’t want to see that live baby!

Preview - Harriet Southorn

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