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Jenn Vix - '6' EP Review


1. Ride

2. The Mask Of Charon

3. Rover

4. In Your Sleep

5. Show Me The Sun

6. Valentine

What struck me first when I started listening to this EP was I could have been back in the new wave of Electronica in the 1980’s. Gary Numan sprang to mind along with a whole host of those who experimented with music at that time such as Kraftwerk, OMD and early, Vince Clarke inspired, Depeche Mode. Several of the songs are very much of that era.

Jenn Vix has a voice that’s perfect for Electronica. It just works with the music. There is a surprising emotional expressiveness to her voice which works well with the soundscape backing her.

There is something haunting about 'In Your Sleep', it actually reminded me a bit of 'Mezzanine' era Massive Attack.

Throughout this EP there is a willingness to experiment and change that makes this a very easy listen. There are several potential singles which could easily, with the right airplay find themselves troubling the collective consciousness to music listeners in the UK.

If you enjoy Electronic music at all and like an emotional and expressive yet controlled vocal you should try listening to this EP.

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Review - Iain McClay

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