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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Esquires, Bedford 06.04.2019

I was first introduced to Pigs x7 through the wonderful spotify shuffle. The song was 'GNT' and the album was 'King Of Cowards'. It was like being punched in the face but in the best possible way. Who the hell was this band and why had I not heard of them before?

Few months later and I'm standing with a sold out crowd upstairs at Esquires waiting for them to blow our minds. And our eardrums.

The support tonight is a band called Blóm. 'Three cute punx playing pua radge shit' as they describe themselves. The room was both intoxicated and stunned by lead singer Helen's raw vocals and vulnerability. Unapologetically themselves, the band owned their style and stage with Erika being an absolute boss on the bass whilst making it look effortless and Helen crawling around and getting into the crowd to say her piece up close and personal.

You can find their debut release on their BandCamp and even purchase your own personal copy on Cassette.

I'm truly excited to see what comes next for BlómBlom.

You now can't move as the crowd pushes and shoves their way as close to the front as possible and eagerly awaits Pigs x7.

The lights go down and the band make their way onto the stage to a thunderous cheering soundtrack from the audience.

You are taken on an extremely loud and sweaty journey with riffs that rip through the ceiling and drums from Christopher Morley that shake our central nervous system. Lead vocalist and synth player Matt Baty's distinctive vocals echo throughout the sweaty and crowded room and he is now stripped down and drenched from giving one of the most heartfelt and honest performances I have ever seen. I get the feeling that every show is like this.

There is a reason why they stood out to me and so many others. They have an unmistakeable sound and leave us wanting more every time.

Pigs x7 are here to stay.

'King Of Cowards' is out now. I highly recommend buying it and finding out where their next show is.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs -

Photos & Review - Luna Louise Photography

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