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Interview With 'Saints Bay'

Firstly, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band and how you came to be?

Sam: We’re all students at the University of Nottingham, and the band initially came about when I replied to a Facebook post from another student who wanted to form a band. I already knew Ru as we’re both presenters on University Radio Nottingham; he was game straight away and then he brought Tom in. Unfortunately the singer I’d originally spoken to had to leave the band, so that’s when Dan came along who I knew from my school days. We all bring different influences to the band which we try to blend together, so we don’t stick too rigidly to one style of music.

What were you all up to prior to the band, was this always the chosen path or did you have other dreams and aspirations?

Dan: I’ve played in bands before and missed it a lot when I wasn’t doing it. Joining Saints Bay was lovely and getting to play live again is great fun. Nottingham is perfect from that standpoint as there’s always somewhere with a gig slot to fill. Being a rockstar has always been my number one ideal occupation.

Tell us about your latest release and why our readers should check it out.

Dan: ‘Everything’ is our debut single, and the product of our first time recording in a proper studio. It’s a catchy, fun tune inspired in part by a very depressing film I saw the other month. I’d say the slap bass breakdown alone makes it well worth a listen.

Who would you say is the bands main song writer or is it a group effort and where do you draw your inspiration lyrically and musically from?

Sam: Our songs tend to come about initially with a riff from anyone in the group; we all have different interests and inspirations so there’s quite a lot of variation. From there we work on the structure and tune as a group. Dan’s pretty much in charge of melody and lyrics, but in terms of the music we bring all our influences together.

As a band what do you believe is your greatest achievement to date and why?

Sam: We played outside Notts County’s stadium Meadow Lane in front of hundreds of people which was pretty big. Sure it was 11am and the audience was primary school kids on a school trip, but it still ranks up there.

What do you enjoy most about touring?

Dan: We’re only a new band, so haven’t had a tour just yet. If I had to guess what the best bit is I’d say all the service stations we would get to see.

If we were to head out to one of your live shows what can ourselves and others expect?

Sam: We have something for everyone so no-one will come away feeling short-changed - we’ve got a lot of influences and variation in our songs so hopefully you’ll come out having had a good time.

Dan: If you come to one of our gigs Sam will buy you a pint.

If you had one artist/band that you could go on tour with tomorrow who would it be and why?

Sam: I’ll probably say Post Malone just because Tom and Ru are in love with him.

You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about?

Sam: I think Bowie would be a shout, he was a very intelligent musician who reinvented himself constantly so I’d love to pick his brains on that. Plus he knew the internet would boom so I’d love to know what else he thinks will go massive!

What is next for yourselves?

Sam: We plan on releasing another single soon - it’s called 'Pier 39' and was the first song we ever wrote as a band so we’re really excited to get that one out there.

And finally and most importantly is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Sam: Not just a Christmas movie, but the BEST Christmas movie.

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