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Death Blooms - 'You Are Filth' EP Review


1. Crosses

2. Filth

3. Believe

4. Rotting Away

Death Blooms are back with their latest EP “You Are Filth”. The Liverpool four piece are ready to start something big.

Kicking things off with “Crosses” - its beat puts you straight into the fast lane. Its massive chorus gets you singing along within seconds but we have a change in pace and it's a heavy one. Ending with the almost cheery sing-a-long chorus. Outstanding opening track.

Vocalist Paul Barrow, who delivers an uncompromising performance throughout the EP, explains the motivation behind the first single: “'Crosses' is a song I wrote about a time when I lost a friend and the confusion I felt during those few months. Everything seemed like it was spiraling out of control; my work, my personal life, my relationships with people - everything. This is the best way I could put into words how I felt at that time. I think back at that whole period of time and in my mind, it always takes place in two churches. One may or may not have been real, but the other definitely was; and so the song represents how I internally dealt with this “fake” reality and what I was actually feeling.”

Now time to grab that heavy again with “Filth” - its Post-Hardcore vocals, Nu-Metal riffs and Easycore chorus makes this track the stand out for me, it has a blend of the best parts. Check in at one minute and fifty-four seconds for the most Nu-Metal breakdown of your life. I cannot wait to see this track live, there is so much going on!

At this point I thought, this EP can’t get much better - I present to you “Believe”. A track which sways more towards the Easycore side of things but also has a Pop-Punk drum beat but it’s not long till we switch things up by reintroducing the heavy side of Death Blooms.

Tidying up with “Rotting Away” - lead vocals are straight into a scream from the heart. This track has my most adored lyrics from “You Are Filth” which are “I am the energy, you are the enemy” and finishing with the scream lyrics of “We’re all rotting away” - I’d call that a prefect end.

Death Blooms have come a long way from their debut EP. This release mixes multiple genres across Rock and blends them together so well. “You Are Filth” has something for everyone and is one of the must have releases of 2019.

Review - Jake Williams

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