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TAMSYN - 'Forever Is Now' Single Review

Manchester based TAMSYN have released the single “Forever Is Now”. The band is made up of Alexander Anton (vocals), Michael Penfold (guitar), Phil Hammill (guitar), Luke Finch (drums) and Andrian Sharples (bass/guitar) and they describe themselves as a ‘captivating new Indie Rock band’ and were finalists of 2016’s Soundwaves Music Competition and have been featured on BBC Introducing. So does the single live up to the hype, and has it captivated me?

The song starts off with moody keyboards then springs into guitars and drums and what is a decent tune. Lead singer Alexander then chimes in with his low almost ethereal vocals…it immediately strikes you as being familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it – closest I can get is shades of Mark Hollis, but I’m still working on it.

After its bright start, the song is a little disappointing – it’s really just your standard Indie fare and nothing new to write home about. Maybe disappointing is a tad too strong, but if you bandy the word ‘captivating’ around, then you really need to back it up. I will give them props (is that what the youngsters say?) for their natty leather jackets with ‘TAMSYN’ down the sleeve (very T-Birds), but there’s not a lot to make you shout about.

Review - Chris Watson

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