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Dopamine - 'Epiphany' Single Review

“Epiphany” is the second single from Dopamine and it’s another one where Mr. Tactless has to review a song by a band one of the 3 Songs and Out team is a member of (Olly this time). So, what’s it like – is this going to have to be one of those carefully thought out, brutal but half heartedly constructive reviews?

Well…how can I put this…you know when one of your mates says ‘listen to this, it’s awesome’, so you listen and when it’s finished all you want to do is have the last 4 minutes of your life erased and you will forever more look at them with a mixture of disgust and pity? Well, thankfully this isn’t one of those situations (had you going for a minute Sean!).

It starts off with another muffled song playing, then that glorious buzz that sends shivers up your spine as a guitar is plugged in and we’re off into a brilliant Rock song that’s raw but has a refined element to it. The vocals are nicely gruff but there’s still enough emotion in there to capture your attention, very reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, and with each listen it just gets better and better to the point where I now find myself gutted that it’s not available for purchase on iTunes. This review version was on YouTube and I’ve had to stop myself watching the video while doing this review, partly because I could never look that good with a beard but mostly because I kept waiting for the dancer to do herself a mischief in that low level lighting (watch the video and you’ll see what I mean…Health and Safety would have a fit!).

“Epiphany” is well worth checking out and will definitely find its way onto your soundtrack of 2019.

Review - Chris Watson

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