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Brion Starr - 'The Heart Is A Loaded Gun' Single Review

Brion Starr is a singer, artist and actor from New York and has released a new single “The Heart Is A Loaded Gun” on the Taxi Gauche label. The single comes from his debut solo album “Global Identity” which was apparently recorded over three months at Konk Studios, Hornsey.

From what I can find of him on t’internet, Starr was part of the band The Noh Starrs who spent a year and a half touring their eponymous album – a tour which apparently involved ‘evolving and revolving line ups’. Starr himself has been labelled ‘The ringleader of New York City’s coolest music experiment’ by i-D magazine…all very laudable I’m sure, but having listened to the song I’d like to have the hypothesis of that experiment defined because, from what I can gather from listening to the song (and reading about the tour antics), there’s really nothing new or experimental here.

“The Heart Is A Loaded Gun” just sounds like Roxy Music to me, with a bit of “Diamond Dogs” era Bowie mixed in…it’s a good song but I just feel like I’ve heard it before. Likewise with what I read about The Noh Starrs stuff (drug abuse, paranoia, band members quitting before a show) it’s all old hat and feels like someone trying too hard to be cool.

If you’re a fan of Roxy Music then you’ll like this song, but then you’ll probably have heard it before.

Review - Chris Watson

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