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Matt Watson - 'Alive Alive Oh...' EP Review


1. Don’t Blame Me

2. Every Heartbeat

3. Grounded

4. The Weight Of The Water

5. Outside (Do They Know Who I Am)

6. Let’s Jump Ship

It’s no secret that I love Matt Watson, so much so I travelled from Hartlepool (North East) to Norwich to be at his “The Endless Shipwreck” album launch gig. Actually I did it twice but that’s a different story.

What we have with 'Alive Alive Oh...' is a taste of his live sound, recorded at his home studio/lounge. Whether you are already aware of Matt or are new to him this EP is well worth having in your collection, especially as it is name your price, but I would suggest at least throwing a couple of quid Matt’s way as it lets him continue doing what he does best.

Matt’s influences range from Billy Bragg, to The Wonder Stuff and Amsterdam to name but a few, he has been lucky to tour with Miles Hunt from The Wonder Stuff recently as well as Ian Prowse from Amsterdam.

So, 'Alive Alive Oh...' then?

I’m finding it hard to review the EP as it is a bunch of songs I am very comfortable with. They almost feel like my songs, Matt does that, for me at least!

'Don’t Blame Me' has been something of a favourite of mine for some time and this stripped back live version stands up well against the original recording.

'Every Heartbeat' still feels urgent, Matt has something to say and by gum you will hear it! 'Grounded', well 'Grounded' has been around for a while and it stands the test of time, Matt has an ear for a great tune and a turn of phrase in his lyrics.

'The Weight Of The Water' has a Billy Bragg feel about it, possibly the guitar work on it. You may have noticed by now that Matt loves the coast and some of his songs are based on or around the sea. He is an avid surfer when he gets the chance.

'Outside (Do They Know Who I Am)' is a pretty new track and shows Matt’s progression in his art. He is growing in confidence with his identity and shows he is not a one trick pony.

'Let’s Jump Ship' closes the EP in fine form, I can still remember the crowd singing along to the chorus at the album launch, hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge. Matt at his best, it's truly a beautiful song. When an audience sings back your song at you then you are onto a winner. Trust me, buy 'Alive Alive Oh...', see what Matt’s all about, then go back and buy the rest of his stuff. It really is worth it.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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