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Nina Nesbitt - The Wardrobe, Leeds 14.04.2019

There are not many gigs where the power fails, the fire alarms goes off and the thing you take away from it is that the person on the stage is at the top of her game and a consummate performer.

Two thirds of the way through this gig that’s exactly what happened to Nina, she didn’t let it worry her, she picked up her guitar, and without a microphone, lead the crowd in several of her songs. It was a tremendous thing to see and hear. An artist so confident in her own ability and so connected to her crowd, that she didn’t let it phase her. The power and alarm kept coming and going but she kept the show on the road.

Support act Call Me Loop started this gig with a quality set, which showcased the fact she has a tremendous voice and can command a stage. Her between songs explanations resonated well with the mostly female crowd and during the course of her set she built a good rapport with them. Her only limitation is a current lack of ambition in the music she sings to, she was at her best when it was just her and a guitar. Call Me Loop has a lot of potential, keep an eye out for her.

Nina has already demonstrated her ability over the years, it feels like she is on the verge of becoming a much bigger act. She has a lot of talent and a tremendous voice. Nina’s engagement with her fans was witty and real, there was clearly a close connection. As we saw in the impromptu acoustic section while the power was off and the alarm going in the background. This followed an earlier, planned, acoustic section which was the highlight of the show, her voice flew to new heights and never really came back down again after that.

There was also a duet on 'Psychopath' with Call Me Loop where their voices meshed very well.

Nina’s stage presence is tremendous, she owns the stage, 'Best You Had' was the highlight of the louder sections of the show, although as someone with a law degree can you pick on another degree next time?

Due to the nature of the delays the show had to be cut a bit short and the encore was a case of walking off stage and back on again but, like everything else in this show, Nina took it in her stride, kept the crowd engaged and signing and made sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Personally, I think her cover of Britney’s 'Toxic' was better than the original.

If you haven’t got a ticket to go see Nina already do yourself a favour and go buy one now!

Review - Iain McClay

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