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Forever Still - 'Breathe In Colours' Album Review


1. Rewind

2. Fight!

3. Breathe In Colours

4. Is It Gone?

5. Survive

6. Do Your Worst

7. Pieces

8. Rising Over You

9. Say Your Goodbyes

10. Embrace The Tide

Forever Still are a Danish Metal band, formed in 2010 and who have been slowly but surely building a dedicated following – so is their second album, 'Breathe In Colours', likely to expand their fanbase?

If the world is a fair place, then yes.

This is a good album – let’s get that out of the way right now. It’s beautifully produced, and the overall sound is great. It’s definitely worth listening to as an entire album, as the audio journey is wonderful, and will run you through the gamet of emotions. And a lot of this comes down to frontwoman Maja Shining, who has a great range in her voice, smoothly segueing from beautiful singing to hardcore screaming and everything inbetween.

What makes it a good album, rather than a great one though? Well for me, it’s just that there aren’t many memorable songs. I’ve listened to it a few times now, and while songs like “Fight!” and “Rising Over You” stick in my memory, the vast majority of the album is like a pepperoni pizza – it’s nice to eat at the time, but it’s not so memorable you think back fondly on it a week later.

I must stress, that just like all reviews, this is my personal opinion – I don’t have any really quantifiable reason why songs like the title track slide off my memory like water off a ducks back, but they do. It may be that some of the songs do sound quite similar to each other, and therefore start to all blend together into a musical soup – a very good soup, just one I can’t identify the ingredients for properly.

(Apologies – that’s the second food analogy in as many paragraphs! You can tell I am writing this review at lunchtime can’t you…)

As I said above – this is still a good album – in fact, in places, it’s a very good album indeed. Personally though, I just wish that more of the songs were as memorable and gripping as the aforementioned “Rising Over You”, which is my favourite song of the album

If you think this will be your cup of tea, then it probably will be – female fronted Metal has been enjoying a renaissance of late, and Forever Still are another string to that well-populated and brilliant bow.

Review - Michael Braunton

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