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Eat Your Heart Out Release Video For New Single 'Carousel'

Aussies Eat Your Heart Out have unveiled a music video for current single ‘Carousel’, which sees the band caught up in their own fanciful yet bizarre fairground world.

‘Carousel’ makes reference to disconcerting and unproductive thought processes that many of us are prone to and can identify with. Vocalist Caitlin explains “'Carousel' is about the constant cycle of thoughts in your head that go back and forth between doubting yourself and believing that you aren’t good enough, and then having a moment of clarity when you know you’re being irrational. A lot of it comes from the idea of “imposter syndrome” which a lot of people (especially women) experience at some point, where you can’t acknowledge your own achievements properly and believe that you are undeserving, and there’s a constant fear that it will all unravel and you’ll be exposed.”

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