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BILK - 'CM2' Single Review

BILK have released their new single “CM2”. The band comprises of Sol Abrahams on guitars and vocals, Luke Hare on bass and Harry Gray on drums and “CM2” is a spiky, punky tune all about the tribulations of living in Chelmsford.

It’s a good song but it feels a little bit like a Facebook post set to music…did this, did that, probably do this later (as long as it rhymes with what I’ve done before). I know there’s a lot of bands who write like this (and there is a case for “keeping it real”) but I’ve never really got on with this kind of song. I’m all for social commentary, but there are bands who do it while telling a story and make it more interesting than just ‘it’s crap where I live’. Having said that, there is a nice rawness to their sound which hopefully bodes for better things in future, but for now I’ll just say ‘thanks for the heads up on Chelmsford’ and move on.

Review - Chris Watson

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