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Beast In Black - 'From Hell With Love' Album Review


1. Cry Out For A hero

2. From Hell With Love

3. Sweet True Lies

4. Repentless

5. Die By The Blade

6. Oceandeep

7. Unlimited Sin

8. True Believer

9. This Is War

10. Heart Of Steel

11. No Surrender

Beast In Black are a Finnish Metal band who are very happy to embrace the classic 80’s Metal sounds of yesteryear, with high screaming vocals, keyboards and more. And for what they are trying to achieve, it works wonderfully.

This album starts out strong with 'Cry Out For A Hero', a foot stomping, big chorused anthem with a truck-driver’s key change for the last chorus that really cements the Beast In Black sound beautifully, and if the album kept that feel, intensity and quality of song throughout then it would definitely be a must-buy album.

Sadly, it soon tails off – the second song (the title track of the album), embraces the worse parts of the 80’s sound, with a keyboard sound that just reminds me of Europe and other one-hit wonders of that decade. The chorus does a little to rescue the song, but it’s a bit too little too late.

And then the album continues in an inconsistent manner. It has good moments and indeed good songs – “Die By The Blade” is an absolute belter, and the album ends strongly with “No Surrender”, a catchy, big beautiful anthem. Unfortunately there are just as many weaker tracks that just seem to drag the album down - “Unlimited Sin”, “Sweet True Lies” and “Heart Of Steel” are the ones that I find eminently skippable.

The tracks I haven’t mentioned are mostly OK – not outstanding, but not ones that I feel like skipping when I listen to them either. Just perfectly acceptable Metal – which is fine, don’t get me wrong. I just find it a shame that there aren’t more amazing tracks to sit alongside “Die By The Blade”, “No Surrender” and “Cry Out For A Hero”.

I feel bad for the criticism I’ve levelled at this album – it is not a bad album by any means, and I genuinely enjoyed most of the time I spent with it, it’s just that I am not likely to re-listen to much of it in the future. (Except for “Die By The Blade” and “No Surrender”, which are already on my Spotify playlist!)

'From Hell With Love' is an album that fully embraces the genre it wishes to be a part of, and does that very well. It showcases some superb musicianship, a great production and a few brilliant songs. And for that alone, it’s certainly worth a listen.

Review - Michael Braunton

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