Buckcherry - 'Warpaint' Album Review

March 18, 2019


1. Warpaint 
2. The Alarm 
3. Bent 
4. Radio Song 

5. Closer 
6. Back Down 
7. The Vacuum 
8. No Regrets 
9. The Hunger 
10. The Devil's In The Details 
11. Right Now 
12. Head Like A Hole


'Warpaint' is the latest offering from hard rockers Buckcherry, and it could be their launch back in to the spotlight coming off the back of '15'. It is a solid offering, and although it is classic Buckcherry and doesn’t really stray far from that, it’s a formula that works very well. 


If you’ve ever heard Buckcherry before, you’ll have come to expect the raspy vocals of Josh Todd, joined by the stadium-esque riffs people know and love, and 'Warpaint' continues along this theme. The album features some of the band’s most ambitious, hard rocking songs to date, such as first single ‘Bent’. It leads with aggressive, punchy riffs and Josh Todd’s unique vocals, giving you a real sense of what is to come.


However, there are some great ballads on this album too. The three tracks all have their own style and on tracks such as 'The Hunger' you’d be forgiven for wondering how this is Buckcherry. It is done so well though, that it fits perfectly.


I can’t say this is groundbreaking, but it is the Buckcherry people are used to, and if the formula works then why change it at all. 


I’d definitely recommend the album for fans of the genre or band, however it could also be a good introduction for new fans. 

Website - buckcherry.com


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/buckcherry/


Review - Vikki Holding


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