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Yungblud - O2 Institute, Birmingham 12.03.2019

Do you ever think to yourself things are getting a bit boring in the music world, and we’re crying out for someone to come and shake things up a bit? Look no further than Yungblud. He’s been making a name for himself for quite some time, but his recently released single ’11 minutes’ in collaboration with Halsey is blowing up internationally, and is propelling the young alternative rocker to superstardom.

Tonight he headlines the O2 Institute 2 Birmingham to a sold out crowd, and with another show already booked at the same venues main room at the end of the year, it really highlights just how quick Yungblud’s rise to the top has been.

Supporting tonight is rising Pop singer Carlie Hanson. At just 18 years old, she has a seriously impressive collection of songs under her belt, and a stage presence well beyond her tender years. She has no problems at all when it comes to waking this crowd up, it seems to come so naturally to her. Songs ‘Only One’ and also the newly released ‘Numb’ stand out as great highlights and really show off just how much potential Carlie has. ​

What’s also great is how much she genuinely seems to be enjoying herself up there, and the same can be said for her band as well, her drummer Tosh Peterson seems to be having the time of his life! I get the feeling we’ll be hearing the name Carlie Hanson a lot more in the not too distant future and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her.

It’s the moment that everyone has been waiting for, and to say Yungblud comes flying out the traps would be a massive understatement, he zips form one side of the stage to the other non-stop for pretty much the whole time that I’m in the photo pit, and it proves to be quite a work out as I try and keep up with him!

In true Rock star fashion he smacks his guitar off the floor by the end of the third song 'King Charles' to a massive roar from the crowd, he’s enjoying himself up on that stage tonight and is riled up for the show ahead.

The highlight of the set for me comes in the form of ‘Anarchist’, it shows just what Yungblud is all about – craziness. This is reflected by the audience as there are limbs everywhere for this one. I can’t help but draw comparisons to Machine Gun Kelly as I watch on, they both have that Rock N’ Roll persona about them, yet both have more commercial styles of music at the same time, both of them certainly know how to get a crowd going too.

“So I had a new song come out in January, do you guys know the words yet?” and without skipping a beat every word of the chorus is sung right back to the recent single ‘Loner’. We are also treated to an unreleased track ‘Ice Cream Man’, “You won’t know the words for this one yet but just dance along anyway!”

The main set comes to a close with big hit ‘Tin Pan Boy’, again he sends his guitar crashing to the floor with a thump because doing it once just isn’t cool enough for Yungblud. He comes out to the encore to treat us to three more songs in the form of ‘Die For The Hype’, ‘Doctor Doctor’ and finally the curtain closing ‘Machine Gun’.

It’s one hell of a seriously impressive performance from the young Dom Harrison tonight, he has the world at his feet as Yungblud, and there’s no telling to what the limit of the heights he can reach are. If tonight is anything to go by, he’s gunning for the big leagues.

Photos & Review - Sam Robinson Photography

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