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Spotlight: 'Live At Leeds 2019'

This 4th of May, Star Wars Day, the force will be with the Live at Leeds music festival.

If you don’t know what it is its quite simple, more bands than you will be able to see, will play at so many venues that you are unlikely to get around them all in an extravaganza of music and general mayhem (there may also be beer and dodgy food).

So why does it matter and why should you be there? Well if you’re the kind of person who sees music as disposable, something to add as your new ringtone or only to be listened to when its been confirmed everyone else is listening to it then it shouldn’t matter to you.

If, however, you love music, the joy of discovering a new band you’ve never heard before, hearing music that can move you or make you want to dance, finding a band you can’t wait to tell all of your friends about, or even better contact them and tell them to get themselves to a certain venue right now because they don’t know what they are missing, then this is the festival for you.

It takes place all across Leeds, the bands are mostly either unsigned or just starting out (with a few exceptions, Sam Fender, for example, has won a Brit after all so has had to hand in his cool badge obviously) and contains more good music than you possibly manage to hear in one day.

Personally, I got into music in the first place because of that joy of finding something different, something new, that band or singer who have something special and being one of the first to discover them. Its that moment when you’re in a gig and your hair starts to stand on end because you realise you’re witnessing the growth of a musical talent that could be massive or could be the next cult love of your life. It must have been what people in the Cavern felt like when the four mop tops walked on to stage, or the night Radiohead did their first gig (I know the references may not be cool but if you’ve not gotten the point by now you’re already a lost cause!).

Live at Leeds, if you don’t have a ticket, get one, it could be the start of one of the greatest relationships in your life, that with a band you absolutely love!

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