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Social Confusion - 'Come Outside' Single Review

Shropshire’s Social Confusion have released their debut single “Come Outside”, following up on their debut EP from a couple of years ago. The band comprises Mat Spence on guitars and vocals, Will Blase on bass with Chris Symonds on drums and percussion and their sound is (according to their Facebook page) Alternative Rock with leanings toward Brit-Rock.

On listening to “Come Outside” however, you also notice that there is more than a passing acquaintance with Indie and (dare I say it…does it even still exist?) Brit Pop – there are definite nods towards Ride and very early Verve (you know, before they were forced to add the definite article for legal reasons) as well as “Leisure” and “Modern Life…” era Blur.

So how does “Come Outside” rate as a debut single?

Well, not too bad actually – it’s upbeat and has a great chorus that hangs around in your head long after you’ve stopped listening and it certainly wouldn’t embarrass itself in the company of songs like “For Tomorrow” and “Twisterella” but there’s no escaping that Brit Pop shaped elephant in the corner, reading Select and spilling Rosie Lee on your best ironic doily.

It is a good song but that doesn’t feel enough for me…the slightly fuzzy production, the jangly 90’s guitars - it doesn’t sound fresh. I know there’s a market for this kind of thing (for example there’s a local band whose videos are like a checklist of Brit Pop/Indie clichés) but for me it has to sound like it’s referencing an era not just sounding like part of one and, sadly, I don’t really get that with this song.

Review - Chris Watson

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