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Former Wrestlers - 'Champion Of The World' EP Review


1. Canim Benim

2. Weekend Hobbies

3. Mother & Father Dearest

4. Purple Mourning

5. Everyone Knows

Former Wrestlers is the querky solo interpretation of Derya 'Dez' Nagle's mind since his adventures as guitarist for bands such as Good Tiger and The Safety Fire. The producer and artist says writing the EP, 'was an important outlet and helped keep me grounded'. Mixing Electronica, heavy guitar hooks and a melancholy atmosphere, the EP 'Champion Of The World' ignites your experience with a stripped back acoustic and pleasantly creepy love song. Derya Nagle's vocal is haunting and expressive forcing a shiver down the spine as 'Canim Benim' embraces and warms you. Smashing straight into, 'Weekend Hobbies', a riff reminiscent of Lonely the Brave sets upon you and we see the production talents come to the front. An enveloping Rock track, 'Weekend Hobbies' has already debuted on Daniel P Carters Radio 1 rock show and is a melodic gratifying belter that amalgamates the one man band ethos and unites the soaring guitars with a persuasive vocal fragility. 'Mother & Father Dearest' emulates the energy of the previous track with a firm hand and is a stand out track on the EP. The light chuggy guitar riff is a fine platform for the graceful voice we are accustomed too. The lyric, 'the story starts like' is the door into a catchy chorus that welcomes you in with a heavy Indie feel, laden with anthemic hooks, making the song an easy and approachable listen. There is a glimmer of rage to the next track, 'Purple Mourning' as it starts with a fierce chord progression, letting you know the path may change. A short and to the point song that energetically swoops you along, 'Purple Mourning' shows a harsher side to the EP showing a need to express and to have a thrash out, while still utilizing the harmonic and eerie vocals. Finishing is an electronic trip focusing on variation from the rest of the EP. An edgy and mysterious song, 'Everyone Knows', is calmly constructed madness that floats and drifts, using a spooky backline of effects and distorted vocals for your warm down. 'Champion Of The World' can be seen as experimental but assured. A solid EP from Former Wrestlers that evokes and teases leaving you excited and almost fulfilled.

Review - Olly Dean

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