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Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – 'Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts' Album Review


1. Black Diamonds

2. Home

3. On & On

4. Dare You To Watch

5. Kings & Queens

6. Unavailable

7. Do You Wanna Be My God

8. Old Enough & Ugly Enough

9. Wave Goodbye

10. Everything To You

11. Keep Me Safe

12. Waiting For The Sun

The album opener, 'Black Diamonds' is a quality Rock song, a statement of intent, if you don’t want to Rock then leave now, if you staying to listen then expect guitars, soaring vocals and a driving rhythm section. What it doesn’t tell you is what a great album you’ve started listening to…

Having said that the second song, takes it down a notch but really works, the sentiments and emotion shine through in a way I didn’t quite get in the first song.

The fourth track, 'Dare You To Watch', takes this album to a new level, its intriguing and involving, I wanted to keep listening and wanted to know what happened after the song finished, did the other person watch it? What was it? Its not often a Rock song makes you wonder what happened next, this one had me hooked.

I suspect from the fourth song on I was predisposed to like the rest of this album, which I really did. There have been many obituaries written for Rock music over the years, the reality is when people keep writing Rock music this good it will never die. There are a lot of people out there writing quality Rock, this is an album that adds to Rocks rich and varied tapestry and deserves to be huge.

There were times I started to think I might be listening to a lost Guns 'N' Roses album, it has that vibe to it. If you liked that band when they were still relevant and making good music you really should listen to Matt Mitchell.

What also starts to become obvious as you listen your way through this album is that this is music meant to be heard live. If the album can be replicated live audiences will love it!

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts have created an excellent Rock album, go buy it or download it now, you won’t regret it!

Review - Iain McClay

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