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Stone Broken - The Mill, Digbeth 15.02.2019

The ever growing Stone Broken are playing a sold out show tonight at the Mill, in Digbeth of Birmingham, it's their hometown show tonight so it has that extra special feel about it.

First up on the night is SKAM, we had a good 30 minute delay getting into the venue tonight, which singer Steve Hill apologies for "we had to make sure we sounded right for you!" The venue is much more full than it usually would be for the start of the night thanks to the delay, and this can only be goof for SKAM as they put on a very enjoyable set and receive a great reception from the crowd. Their cover of The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' is a stand out and does a great job of engaging the audience.

Next up are Those Damn Crows, a five piece form South Wales who have been quietly making a name for themselves in recent times, they are the perfect support for Stone Broken and there are many in attendance who have come out to see theses guys tonight. Frontman Shane Greenhall is like a mad ball of energy, and frequently likes to get up close and personal with the crowd as he clambers down from the stage and mounts the barriers.

They make their way through a powerful performance with songs such as 'Breakaway' and 'Behind These Walls' but it is the closing song 'Rock N Roll Ain't Dead' that steals the spotlight, it is an absolute belter of a tune for these guys and has everyone singing it right back to them.

As I'm waiting for Stone Broken to come on I can't help but overhear a couple point out "the youngest people in the venue tonight are probably the band", and to be fair they sort of have a point, you do kind of have to worry about the longevity of bands like this when younger people are nowhere to be seen, however tonight is a sell out show so clearly Stone Broken are doing something right.

The set is mainly built up of last years release 'Ain't Always Easy' accompanied by a handful from previous record 'All In Time'. The opener 'Stay All Night' is one hell of a belter and has the place rocking instantly.

After performing 'Better' frontman Rich Moss tells us that only a couple of years ago they were playing to a crowd of about 25 people just 2 minutes down the road at local bar Subside, and now is playing to a sold out crowd at a 700 cap venue, Stone Broken have come quite a long way in such a short time.

During 'Only Thing I Need' they are joined onstage by a full choir, who do a great job and really add to the atmosphere, they go by the name of 'Anthem Voices' and they do it all in the name of charity.

Anyone who has been to a Stone Broken show before know we are usually treated to a mammoth drum solo by Robyn Haycock, and tonight is no different as she absolutely slays behind the drumkit.

Before heading off for the encore Rich says that as long as it is safe to do so the band will always make the effort to try and meet fans after the show at the merch table, which is always a nice touch. When the encore gets underway Rich is forced to play 'Wait For You' on his electric guitar due to issues with his acoustic, but it still works and it's nice to hear the song done differently.

The set is rounded off with 'Not Your Enemy' and the night comes to an end on a massive high. Stone Broken are continuing their steady climb towards the big leagues and it makes for an exciting watch, they are well on their way!

Photos & Review - Sam Robinson Photography

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