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Nude Shoes - 'Suburban Ceremonies' EP Review


1. Couple's Jenga

2. Headache For A Decade

3. Mental Stencil

4. Gamma Jack

Nude Shoes are an up and coming Emo/Pop Punk band from New Jersey. They started in 2019 which is hard to believe because these songs are amazing, and well put together. From the pounding drums down to the rocking guitars. They have a strong Neck Deep influences to them. Which almost had me guessing they're from the UK.

Starting the EP off we have the track "Couples Jenga". They had the right idea picking this song

to start out the EP. It just kicks off strong then tones down for the vocals. It's a very modern yet catchy

Pop Punk song with some killer harmonies in it. Good song to pull the listener in and have them wanting more. GIVE US MORE!!!!!!

"Headache For A Decade" is the second track on the 'Surburban Ceremonies' EP. The rythmic drums along with the guitars creates a nostalgic vibe. Like early New Found Glory. Plus the harmonies on this are killer. One thing these guys really have is harmonising perfectly and that always makes or breaks a song.

The third track on this release is "Mental Stencil." This song sounds like it could be on Neck Deeps "Wishful Thanking". Which isn't a bad thing. I'm personally a huge Neck Deep fan, and this really is an awesome song. Probably my favorite on the EP. That's not me being biased hahahaha. Plus the vocal harmonies at the end with the piano....beautiful. Great job guys!!!

Finishing off the 4 song EP we have 'Gamma Jack'. This one is intense. Which isn't bad, right? The pounding drums mixed with the clashing guitars creates a Pop Punk masterpiece. When they sing "I tore it all apart" I just relate to it. Everything about this song resonates with me as a 24 year old. Great song to close with! It also makes me wanna hop on a skateboard hahaha.

"Surburban Ceremonies" is something to get excited for. Nude Shoes have something amazing here, 4/5 from me plus all great music comes from New Jersey right? They have Jimmy Eat World, Senses Fail, The Early November, Man Overboard, so I hope you all go to check them out. Be sure on the look out for "Surburban Ceremonies" out March 1st.

Review - Andre Judge

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