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Buckcherry / Hoobastank Co-Headline Tour - O2 Institute, Birmingham 10.02.2019

It's Sunday night in Birmingham and tonight the O2 Institute is playing host to a fantastic co-headline show featuring none other than Hoobastank and Buckcherry.

First up we have ADELITAS WAY who have joined up as support. I was guilty of nearly making the mistake in thinking that this was just going to be your average opening band, but this was absolutely not the case as they put on a very enjoyable show. 'Vibes' has the crowd bopping along, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who almost mistakes it for a Phil Collins cover every time I hear the lyric "Feel It In The Air Tonight". The closer 'Invincible' also serves as a highlight and the long solo drum intro definitely helps rile the crowd up ready for it. A great start to the night from this bunch.

Hoobastank are the first up of our headliners tonight. They kick off their set with the opener 'Pieces' but it isn't until second song 'Out Of Control' until they really get going, this is a massive song for them and it's very much reflected by the crowds reaction, the guitar tones on this one are so catchy and stay with me long after the night is over. Frontman Doug Robb is a joy to photograph as he stomps about the stage as if he owns it, he takes the time to tell the crowd "I'm up here dancing like an idiot in front of everyone, and I don't care, you should all be able to feel comfortable to do that too!"

It has to be said the songs that stand out the most are the ones you'd expect, the massive 'Crawling In The Dark' and without question the biggest roar of the night just before 'The Reason', I think Hoobastank are just missing one or two big songs that will take them to the next level, however the performance was entertaining tonight and I'd definitely venture out to see them again.

Last but not least it's time for the boys from California, Buckcherry. They make an interesting entrance to say the least, as they come out dancing along to Travis Scott's 'SICKO MODE', I wouldn't of put that down as one that suits their style beforehand but they pull it off nonetheless. They then lead into their opener with their cover of Nine Inch Nails 'Head Like A Hole'.

"Anyone got any cocaine?" asks a riled up Josh Todd, of course teasing that the next song is going to be the favourite 'Lit Up' before heading in to their tongue in cheek 'Say Fuck It', their take on Icona Pops 'I Love It', by this point the crowd are in full on party mode. We are also treated to the new single 'Warpaint' from the upcoming album and again a few songs later in other newly released 'Bent'.

After bouncing through the last few songs of the set, namely 'Gluttony' and then 'Sorry' from the classic album '15', Josh Todd asks the crowd "We got one song left what do you guys wanna hear?" which of course is met with cries of "Crazy Bitch!", Buckcherry throw a curveball at us and tease us with a cover of Eddie Money's 'Two Tickets To Paradise' before eventually delivering the crowds request.

A great night of live music here tonight, Hoobastank are a band that have had undoubted great mainstream successes and it really shows in the confidence of their live performances, whereas Buckcherry give us an old school show and prove that they've still got plenty left in the tank after going strong for 20 years.

Photos & Review - Sam Robinson Photography

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