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William The Conqueror - 'Bleeding On The Soundtrack' Album Review


1. Path Of The Crow

2. Thank Me Later

3. Madness On The Line

4. The Burden

5. Bleeding On The Soundtrack

6. Looking For The Cure

7. The Curse Of Friends

8. Be So Kind

9. Sensitive Side

10. Within Your Smell

From the very start, this has the feel of a storyteller's album with the story itself placed very firmly centre-stage, and the music is just a vehicle to deliver it.

There is variety in the tone and tempo throughout the collection, although the vocals provide a continuity to the feel of the songs - vocals which evoke feelings more of lost love and regret than hope, but artfully manage to avoid sounding either maudlin or self-pitying (which is all too easy to slip into when you're singing the Blues).

The inclusion of backing vocals starting in 'Looking For The Cure' adds a welcome extra dimension to the second half of the album, giving a greater depth of tone and variety to the sound.

Overall, while not groundbreaking stylistically, the album has a freshness and honesty to make it very listenable. A perfect accompaniment to gentle Spring sunshine on a Sunday afternoon, but perhaps not an album which will change your life in any great way.

Standout Track - The Burden

Review - Adam Harrison

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