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The Japanese House - 'Good At Falling' Album Review


1. went to meet her (intro)

2. Maybe You're The Reason

3. We Talk All The Time

4. Wild

5. You Seemed So Happy

6. Follow My Girl

7. somethingfartoogoodtofeel

8. Lilo

9. Everybody Hates Me

10. Marika Is Sleeping

11. Worms

12. f a r a w a y

13. i saw you in a dream

I wondered what I was getting myself into when the intro kicked in, sometimes the start of a record throws you off to what’s coming next.

'Maybe You’re The Reason' took things up a notch straight away. I was really intrigued by some of the lyrics in this song. I felt myself getting drawn in and wondering where this might go next.

The lyric writing thought-out remained consistently high, some of the lines caught me out they were so good but unexpected. However, the music didn’t always keep up with the lyrics if anything it didn’t showcase the lyrical writing as well as it could.

'You Seemed So Happy' was the next song to really stand out for me, it was a subtle change of sound which worked really well. It’s the first song on the album that made me think ‘that’s a single’.

'Follow My Girl' didn’t really do it for me to start with but the more I listened to it the more it dragged me in. I really started to enjoy it after a few plays.

'Something Far Too Good To Feel' started off as what seemed like a really simple song but as it went on it became more complex with layers appearing out of nowhere and adding to its complexity. I think this is the point I started to think The Japanese House may really have something going on here.

'Worms' is excellent, a good song that feels like it lifts the album, the finish to the album is strong with 'Faraway' also a good song and 'I Saw You in A Dream' a lovely closing song.

There is an overuse of layered vocals, it takes some of the emotional impact out of the singing. I think there needs to be greater trust of the main vocal, there is a lovely voice in there which I wanted to be allowed to connect with more, it needs to be allowed to fly solo more often.

I didn’t give this album a five as it feels like there is need for Amber to trust in herself more, there is tremendous potential in the lyric writing and the singing, but there seems a lack of belief and understanding of how good this could be. I wanted this album to be a five after the first couple of songs, there was a lot about it I loved, I think that the potential is tremendous, I really hope its reached, if they can trust in their talent they could write an essential album that everyone needs to own. This isn’t that album, almost, but not quite, but it's still well worth a listen.

Review - Iain McClay

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