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NEONWAVES - 'Nostalgia' Single Review

Glasgow’s NEONWAVES are back with a new single “Nostalgia” and it’s a belter. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few of their tracks and with each new release I’m more and more impressed. To underline this, I thought would have a listen back to the “NEONWAVES EP” and “Wish To Be Seen” single before listening to “Nostalgia”, and you can track the growth of the band and it’s an absolute joy to behold.

Within seconds of listening, you know it’s NEONWAVES (yes, I know the clue is in the name on the link…smart arse) – they have their own sound but the impressive thing is that it’s not rigid; they’re not afraid to explore new avenues and soundscapes but underlying it is a distinctive sound bossed by guitars and drums and layered with synths that underpin and embellish the music. “Nostalgia” is a perfect example, it’s a lush expansive sound that pushes into areas we’ve not heard from them before. The guitars really drive the song while the keyboards soar behind James’ vocals, which are as distinctive as ever and as evocative as Paul Buchanan’s. I’ve always get this kind of noir image of Glasgow in my head when I listen to bands like Blue Nile and The Silencers, and it’s there when I listen to NEONWAVES.

“Nostalgia” is further reinforcement that NEONWAVES are ready for the next step and I really hope that someone in radio gives them some airplay – I mean, I don’t hold out much hope for Clyde 1 but someone at BBC Scotland needs to cotton onto just how good this band has become.

Review - Chris Watson

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