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Silvertung - '(BUT AT WHAT COST?)' Album Review


1. Dodging Bullets

2. Feel Inhuman

3. World Gone Mad

4. Wise Up

5. Black Sunset

6. You're Fine

7. Done My Best

Silvertung are back with their new album '(BUT AT WHAT COST?)'. The band have a discography of gritty, but melodic anthems and the new record puts you on a road of caged mayhem that invites and coaxes. Smashing you straight in, 'Dodging Bullets' head bangs you into submission and you are automatically under the spell. The main blistering riff roars and satisfies with lead singer, Speed's, vocal crackles and entices. The lyric 'Its a riot inside of me' sums up the tone of what you are too expect from the album and 'Dodging Bullets' sets you up perfectly. 'Feel Inhuman' offers you an old school Rock riff leading to a chugging vocal reminiscent of 'SlipKnot' in the way Speed ends his notes. A feeling of self destruction flows through the song, leading you nicely into 'World Gone Mad' that presents a softer vocal flavour, relying on melody and a bouncing chorus injected with the hard churning guitars. 'Wise Up' is the shortest track on the album, with 2 minutes 45 seconds of catchy engaging structured madness with an infectious chorus, which takes you onto one of the stand out tracks 'Black Sunset'. Again, an old school Rock vibe consumes you and becomes an instant crowd pleaser with singalong melodies and rythmic hooks. Combining self turmoil and the way we can look at mental health as a fear, 'Your Fine' asks you for understanding and presents an almost self help rageful energy that becomes one of those songs to play after a bad day. Finishing the record is Silvertung's current single 'Done My best'. Another stand out song, 'Done My Best' is an anthem of heavy concise songwriting that is welcoming, but still resonates the bands ethos and inner anger. A fierce and pleasurable listen, '(BUT AT WHAT COST?)', is a record of fine execution and balance that leaves you breathless, but safe. Silvertung, continue to make their mark and with their new offering you can see why.

Review - Olly Dean

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