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Cuecliché - 'Look At The Pictures' EP Review


1. Save Me

2. Take It Away

3. Puzzle Piece

4. It's Over

5. Prince Of Nowhere

Growing up in the late 90's and early 2000's I was blessed with awesome skate videos.

Listening to Cuecliché's 2nd EP "Look At The Pictures" I was instantly thrown into a time machine and felt like I was 11 again. It just reminds you of Pennywise meets Blink 182, with hints of HIM in the vocals.

'Save Me' starts the EP and everything about it screams Punk Rock. It has an almost Neck Deep sound. But what really catches you is the vocals. Very powerful and stands out from most acts out. Gives vibes of Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy or Ville Valo of HIM. All around perfect song to kick off this EP with.

'Take It Away' is a super heavy Skate Punk sounding song. Everytime I hear it I think of Pennywise which is awesome. The powerful drums with the piercing guitars is the perfect combo to the rough vocals. And that guitar solo? Well that guitar solo was awesome, no it was incredible. My favorite track on the EP.

'Puzzle Piece' sounds like it could've been on Blink's 'Cheshire Cat' album. It's Pop Punk, It's catchy.

What is there not to love. Plus talk about relatable lyrics.

'It's Over' is the next track, this EP is far from over. They come in heavy with an Easycore intro, then take it into an Alt Rock song. Talk about sick transitions. They really had something great in mind, and pulled it off!! Between the chugs and the beautiful sounding riffs in the verse and chorus' is incredible.

'Prince Of Nowhere' is the last song on "Look At The Pictures". It starts off slow and beautiful, and keeps that nice sound, even as they pick up. They really had the right idea to end with this track. Plus another solo exacuted perfectly. I almost wish this song didn't end. But everything good or bad ends at some point right?

Cuecliché's "Look At The Pictures" is truely a great EP. It seems they really put in the time and work, and it shows. In my opinion these guys deserve 5/5. So head on over to Soundcloud and don't sleep on Cuecliché's "Look At The Pictures". I'm glad I got to listen!

Review - Andre Judge

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