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MARBL - 'The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things' Single Review

The new single from MARBL "The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things" is very much reminiscent of Portishead in places, but this is no bad thing Trip-Hop is perhaps not as in vogue here in the UK as it was in the late nineties, but perhaps it's heyday in Israel is actually right now.

This is a beautifully produced track, the vocalist's performance sent a shiver down my spine while the slightly fractured swing of the backing music's slowly shifting textures are truly gorgeous to hear, this is, (like all the best Trip-Hop) overcast Sunday afternoon listening of the highest caliber (please choose your own favourite time to listen to Trip-Hop if Sunday is not convenient), beautifully sad sounding, gentle and relaxed.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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