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DOWNFALL - 'Close Your Eyes' Single Review

So DOWNFALL are a new one on me and only after listening to their track 'Close Your Eyes' was I reminded how long it had been since I'd last graced my ears with some of my favourite genres heavier cousins.

The track comes in with a buzzing feedback effect before the infectious chug and riff dominates. This is shortly followed by some introductory whispered lyrics. All the while building up to the main feel of the track, that being heavier chugs, powerful drum beats and anger induced screams.

The chorus comes in with clean lyrics that complete the whole Metalcore formula, with such a catchy melody I just know it'll be in my head for days.

So to check off the list; Heavy Tones? Check Booming Bass and Powerful drums? Check! Heavy Screams accompanied by catchy cleans? Absolutely. There's even a heavy breakdown in there. Having said that I can confidently say these guys are more than just the sum of their parts.

However I personally would argue that a little something extra would be needed in there just to differentiate them from fellow members of the same genre but I can appreciate this is a lot easier said than done without accidentally shifting away from the desired genre.

Ultimately if you're looking for some heavy tunes to get your Crabcore on to, then look no further because Downfall have your back.

Review - Ric Snell

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