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Skunk Anansie - '25Live@25' Album Review


1. Charlie Big Potato

2. Intellectualise My Blackness

3. Because of You

4. I Can Dream

5. Charity

6. My Love Will Fall

7. Death To The Lovers

8. Twisted

9. My Ugly Boy

10. Weak

11. Hedonism

12. I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero

13. Love Someone Else

14. This Is Not A Game

15. God Loves Only You

16. (Can’t Get By) Without You

17. Secretly

18. Over The Love

19. Spit You Out

20. Yes It’s Fucking Political

21. Selling Jesus

22. Little Baby Swastikkka

23. Tear The Place Up

24. Squander

25. You Saved Me

26. You’ll Follow Me Down

There are always some bands you love that you can never understand why more of the world doesn’t get how brilliant they are. Skunk Anansie are one of those bands for me. I know they have had a lot of success, but I can’t understand why they are aren’t one of the biggest bands in the world. I have mixed feelings though, I never really want other people to like them as its proof I have much better taste than the rest of the world….

I love Skins voice, I could listen to it for hours on end. Listening to this live album made me want to immediately go buy tickets for their next gigs and put some of their old albums on to remind myself of their genius.

Skunk are a brilliant live band, if you haven’t tried going to see them, firstly, why not?

Secondly you need to, this is a band at the top of their game, with more power in their music now than they have ever had. This album captures that power and quality to perfection. They have attitude and things they want to say which, when its wrapped up in songs of this quality, makes for perfection.

Songs such as 'Intellectualise My Blackness', 'Death To The Lovers', 'Hedonism', 'Weak' and 'Twisted' are examples of what makes this band so good. The playing is excellent then there is that voice, just perfect, with so much emotion in it.

'25Live@25' is a brilliant introduction to this excellent band. I can’t recommend it enough! I would write a longer review but, as all I want to do is keep listening, writing is getting in the way! For me Skin is one of the great British vocalists and all the band are excellent musicians, they deserve more people to listen to them!

Review - Iain McClay

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