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Chapter And Verse - 'Glow' EP Review


1. The Casket

2. Magazines

3. Eleven Hours In Real Time

4. A Devil In Blue

5. Ink

Chapter And Verse are back in 2019. They have been touring the county endlessly the past couple of years and fresh from their recent tour with Emarosa they are about to release second EP “Glow”. This is the follow up to “The Wolves Back Home” in 2016, which has been a long time waiting.

A peaceful and gentle start from the four piece - “The Casket” builds with energy and passion, this track is a perfect description of Chapter And Verse. Next is a track which stands out in their live performances, “Magazines” kicks us into gear! The unique lead vocals of Josh Carter are projected during the opening verses of the track, we suddenly receive a powerful a cappella from the whole band, wow! After a colossal amount of energy, we slow down but it’s only a matter of seconds before we enter into some incredible riffs, a snippet into the bands earlier work. This is the stand out track for me.

Track three brings us “Eleven Hours In Real” - we fade back into a more gentle Chapter And Verse, one which focus' around the bass line. It sadly lack depth and layers. Next is the fast up beat “A Devil In Blue” which bursts with the same energy we felt earlier in the EP.

Last track, “Ink” is set upon us, it’s beautiful easy sing along chorus is a favourite for any live set. Another stand out track. It’s slow but urgent tempo is something which has been practiced over and over until it feels right and it’s perfection from Chapter And Verse.

This EP is another step forward for the band. They have been working tirelessly over the past two and a bit years and their hard work is paying off with “Glow”.

Review - Jake Williams

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