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The Singles Lowdown With Gerald Stansbury

Villains In Vogue - 'Be One Of Us’ (Self Released)

When someone I trust refers to something as a cross between Hanoi Rocks and Alice Cooper, I immediately take notice. That description really describes this one with the guitar sound recalling the early Hanoi Rocks albums and the vocals by Mick Scott sounding like prime Alice Cooper. This is the first single by ViV and sets up some extremely high expectations for me as I will be adding this to a variety of personal playlists until we can get more from the band.

Confess ‘Malleus’ - (Self Released)

Recalling the Hard Rock of the 80’s with the street feel of something like the Cruel Intentions, Confess have unleashed a brand new single on us that hits me similarly to Villains In Vogue. This song is going to be a fixture on playlists for a while until we either get a new album or EP. I will also admit to breaking out the air guitar on the solo every time the song plays.

Haleigh Martin -‘Bad Feelin’' (Self Released)

This is the third time I have covered a Haleigh Martin song who originally seemed like she might go towards more Pop Country but has gone down a Bluesy street instead which greatly benefits us as her voice is simply made for it. I believe she is handling everything here which might be the only downfall as the music is not quite as crisp as on the last release. Martin could sing the phone book though and make it sound like the best thing ever. Her vocals here continue to highlight an artist that is finding her sound, and I love where she is going.

Yours Truly - ‘Circles’ (UNFD)

Let’s start by saying ‘High Hopes’ was one of the best songs released last year, so this song has a lot of weight and expectations on it. Yours Truly continue to show that they can write contagious Pop Punk that plasters a smile on my face. Mainstream success is just waiting to happen so get in now before everyone else does.

Dierdre - 'Hold On’ (Self Released)

Dierdre bounces back with a Heavy Modern Rock gem. Her last single ‘Stone Cold Killer’ was a good song, but I felt the mix was off on it. There are no such worries this time as everything meshes with her powerful vocal shining over a rhythm that reminds me of latter day Soundgarden.

Holy Moly And The Crackers - ‘All I Got is You’ (Pink Lane Records)

This band was originally a tip from a friend a few months back and now they are gearing up to release a new album. I love it when that happens. If someone told you they wanted to know what fun and happiness was, this song might be the perfect thing to play. This song runs a dangerous risk where it could have easily felt too repetitious but instead just creates space in the brain between the beat and the hook.

Elles Bailey - ‘Medicine Man’ (Outlaw Music)

A master in the Blues, Elles Bailey sounds perfect here with the music hitting all the right notes. The guitar burns and the vocals pack a dynamic punch. I look forward to hearing her new album more with every listen.

Penitence - ‘Upheaval’ (Self Released)

Modern Metal and Hardcore have been genres that I have found myself becoming less and less interested in over the years. Penitence have made me snap my neck around on their debut single with an insidious guitar riff that cuts into my flesh crossed with some Metalcore type vocals that are not my favorite but fit this very well. The electronic elements give the song added depth and keep me on my toes with every listen. Welcome to my world Penitence, I look forward to hearing more.

The Empty Page - ‘When The Cloud Explodes’ (Punk Fox)

An aural assault to the senses that packs an attitude and some angelic backing vocals to serve as an excellent counterpoint. This combines a Post Hardcore feel with some aggressive guitars that go for the jugular. Looking forward to hearing more! This single is out February 22nd.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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