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Bowling For Soup - 'Older, Fatter, Still The Greatest Ever - Live From Brixton' Album Review


1. Here Comes Bowling For Soup (Intro)

2. I Don't Wanna Rock

3. Emily

4. Girl All The Bad Guys Want

5. On And On (About You)

6. Surf Colorado

7. Almost

8. Life After Lisa

9. Where To Begin

10. The Last Rock Show

11. Punk Rock 101

12. Self-Centered

13. The Hard Way

14. The Bitch Song

15. Out The Window

16. Cold Shower Tuesdays

17. Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day (Theme Song To Phineas And Ferb)

18. Running From Your Dad

19. High School Never Ends

20. Scaring Myself

21. Greatest Day

22. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)

23. Star Song

24. 1985

What do you think when someone mentions the early 2000's. Is it the television? Or maybe major historical events? Well one thing that I think of is music. Who's music you ask? Well Bowling For Soup that's who!

Growing up with songs like '1985', 'Almost', 'High School Never Ends', and 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want', opened me, as well as a lot of us to Pop Punk music. So you can imagine how excited I was to get Bowling For Soups new live from Brixton album "Older, Fatter, Still The Greatest Ever" which was released January 18th 2019! which includes 'Drunk Enough To Dance' played in it's entirety plus a number of other hits. This live album has a whopping 24 songs! This awesome treat starts off with the "BFS Theme", and ends with the hit "1985". This live album is so fun and catchy plus with the crowds energy you can just feel through your speakers. There's also everything from the killer songs, to the hilarious jokes that shows you even though it's titled "Older, Fatter, Still The Greatest Ever" Bowling For Soup aren't losing what makes them great. They're still bringin' it. Despite it being 17 years since "Drunk Enough To Dance" came out, all the energy is still there. But that's not all, on top of "Drunk Enough To Dance" we are also graced with a bunch of BFS' other hits. The angsty 'Almost' which reminds you of an ex they have no love for? Or maybe a falling out with a friend?

"Punk Rock 101" the freaking Pop Punk song with a Bon Jovi reference in it. Love it. "The Bitch Song" which is enough to get the point across. If you need to be reminded that nothing changes after high school, don't fret, because "High School Never Ends" also makes it's appearance. "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)" which always has you longing for a friend or loved one who moved away. Then finally the song everyone and their mothers know, '1985'. I remember when these girls played it at the talent show and everyone loved it. A timeless song, about a certain time period everyone loved. Genius. Everything about this release is great. The track listing was awesome. It sounds perfect, almost as if you're there. Bowling For Soup delivered a great performance of their songs, as well as the humor they've always brought. I give it 5 out of 5 rating. So if you love Bowling For Soup as much as me go pick up a copy out now!!!!

Review - Andre Judge

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