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DeeVer - 'You Need This' Album Review


1. Fire At Will

2. All Come Running

3. Alright

4. Back Down

5. Waves

6. Parachute

7. Only Enemy

8. We Are

9. Jim

10. I Am The Cavalry

'You Need This' is the debut album from hard hitting rockers DeeVer. Formed by ex 'Inglorious' guitarist, Billy Taylor, the record combines the Classic Rock sounds of old with a modern taste, but does it work? In a word - Yes.

'Fire At Will' gets its claws straight into you and doesn't let go. A heavy intoxicating riff that 'Royal Blood' would be proud of starts your journey, leading into a Classic Rock vocal with undertones of 'Muse'. The chorus soars and trying not to sing along is a failed venture! The same can be said for the next track 'All Come Running' as you are thumped with another hard riff that makes your bones rattle and a playful melodic chorus. The verse vocal at times feels that it could be tighter, but that's a small dot on an otherwise energetic and captivating track. 'Alright' is a heavy Pop Rock song that shows you DeeVer's roots. Structurally sound with the familiarity of 'Lower Than Atlantis', 'Alright' suggests a broken love and the trials of picking yourself back up again. You are sucked in and pleasantly spat back out when that one chord change perfectly adjusts the mood for the enticing chorus. By this point on the record you crave variety and that's exactly what you get with 'Back Down'. A meloncholy introduction with hints of old school Glam Rock is your initiation into a powerful riff that engages you and makes that inner smile come to the surface. With a flavour of 'Black Stone Cherry' the track is exactly what the album needs to make the first three songs shine even brighter. 'Waves' showcases the bands versatility. You are put on an easy ride of comforting harmonies and emotive lyrics, 'your shark infested water'. The song effortlessly glides along with a modern Pop Punk attitude that leaves you content but wanting more. 'Parachute' quenches that thirst for more and is one of the stand out tracks of the album. It catches the essence of what DeeVer are trying to present with scalpel precision. Another Pop Rock edition to the album, but the pounding chord progression is beautiful, along with a charged drum beat and a bouncy vocal line throughout, accompanies a catchy and sing along chorus making it the net you cant avoid. 'Only Enemy' takes you back to the start of the record with blistering riffs, but merges the modern feel DeeVer want to create. 'Only Enemy' illuminates the writing style we now expect and still has that addictive feel. The vocal in particular is especially tight with an engaging anthemic vibe. If you imagine a crowd jumping and all singing in unison, 'We Are' might be the track they are jumping too. It is the most old school Rock song on the album, however I get the impression that is exactly what the band were going for. Keeping the album fresh, what it lacks in modern twists makes up for in raw emotion and quirky bliss. Punk, Pop, early millenium Rock all done well, make up 'Jim'. Another stand out track from the record, 'Jim' does exactly what other bands of the same standing want to achieve. It's a little more commercial than the others, but encapsulates DeeVer's ambition to write catchy songs with aggressive hooks. Ending the record is 'I Am The Cavalry'. Blending all the influences the band has the last track echoes the structure of the album and where DeeVer wants you to end up. Chuggy Pop Punk 'I Am The Cavalry' has a colouring of 'Fall Out Boy' and let's you go with a warmth. DeeVer have said they are proud of this album and I wouldn't disagree. It's hard but gentle, enjoyable but provoking and a record that will stamp the bands status as up and coming and that attention must be paid.

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Review - Olly Dean

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