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wars - 'As Within /// So Without' EP Review


1. Scorn And Fidelity

2. Little Death

3. On Being More

4. In A Mirror, Dimly

wars are back and “As Within /// So Without” marks the beginning of a new chapter as they look towards the release of a second album later in 2019. This EP follows up the release of the band’s 2017 debut album “We Are Islands, After All”. In the time since its launch, they’ve been crafting something new, evolving and changing, ready for the next step.

Lightly kicking things off with “Scorn And Fidelity” - harsh vocals are screamed into our hearts, it sounds professional, fresh and exciting. wars have changed the way I feel about Easy Core in one song. Next up is “Little Death” - the Post Hardcore influence is one which flows through the EP. It’s soft vocals also stand out in the track, the blend of both vocals is a prefect balance for fans of the cross over genre.

Are you ready for the best guitar work of 2019?

Bring on, “On Being More” easily my favourite track of the album. With it’s unreal break down, it’s a track which showcases wars will never truly leave their roots. I can already vision a crowd of people singing along to the lyrics “I have met the enemy, it lives inside of me” - it blows my mind how good this track is. Finishing up one of my favourite EPs EVER with “In A Mirror, Dimly” - it’s hard beating drums, fast riffing guitar and punch to the face bass shreds puts wars into good stead for 2019.

Review - Jake Williams

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