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The Maple State Release Video For New AA-Side Single 'Germany/A Notion'

Manchester band The Maple State are pleased to reveal a new video for their latest track ‘A Notion’, taken from their new AA-side single ‘Germany/A Notion’ which is out now via Far Out Records. The video was once more directed by good friend of the band Pat Boyle, who they’ve been working with on their visuals since 2006. “We shot the videos for ‘Germany’ and ‘A Notion’ back to back in Bolton,” says front man Greg Counsell. “Our friend Ben has a sound stage, but as soon as we got in there I went snooping around in the workshop and backstage. It immediately felt more us, so we set up behind the sound stage. I guess we were trying to capture that 90s slacker feel, like Weezer, Pavement, Cast—their videos seemed to make a bunch of guys hanging out on a crappy sofa into something engaging.” “We’ve always loved a huge chorus in The Maple State,” continues Counsell on the new track. “There’s something in that emotional and energetic payoff that we’ve sought to capture in our music. Lyrically, this is about where I am in my life right now. Whether it’s in relationships or jobs or friendships, I seem to spend my life doing stupid things; defying logic, risking everything for no good reason, and no amount of self-discipline or desire for control seems to have any impact on my decisions. I suppose at some point everything will slow down, I’ll have my Big Sur moment, and when I do I know exactly where I want to be.”

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