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Puppy - 'The Goat' Album Review


1. Black Hole

2. Vengeance

3. Poor Me

4. Just Like You

5. And So I Burn

6. Entombed

7. World Stands Still

8. Bathe In Blood

9. Nightwalker

10. I Feel An Evil

11. Handlebars

12. Demons

Puppy's music has some great hooks and grabbed me pretty quickly with the intro riff to album opener and single "Black Hole". Their sound is a modern take on classic Alternative Rock (although they self identify as a Heavy Metal band) with a nod to some of the harmonies of 80's hair bands as well as the early 90's Alternative Rock scene, it's familiar in some important ways but at the same time there's a freshness here that I am definitely enjoying.

As the album goes on the tunes continue to impress, each track seems to have a lot to offer by way of catchy riffs and incredible vocal harmonies, which brought to mind The Wildhearts. This album is a thoroughly engrossing affair, everything has a lightness of touch that makes it approachable, but at the same time, there's no shortage of hooks to drag you in. I've not said this before about much outside of something like "Dark Side Of The Moon" (one of my favourite albums ever) but this is, genuinely a pleasure to listen to.

I'd definitely recommend checking Puppy out when "The Goat" drops on 25th January, or catch them on their UK tour in April. It's hard to pick highlights from the album as the whole collection of songs is strong so as summaries go this is pretty straightforward, there's no real sense of any down spots on "The Goat". It is a well crafted album showing some incredible musical talent from this trio and marking them out as ones to watch. A very impressive debut indeed, I definitely hope to see them on the road.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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