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Rantanplan - 'Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel' Album Review


1. Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel

2. Foodporn

3. Kain Richtung Heimat

4. Maschine

5. An/Aus

6. Nachtzug Nach Paris

7. Partytrick

8. Rudegirl From Outta Space

9. Kill Den Spiegel

10. The Rudel

This album has been an eye opener for me, I was not aware that German Ska music even existed. Now I know it does and I love it!

'Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel' could be a hard one to review as Ratanplan sing in their native German tongue. Bold move but respect for them doing so. It’s refreshing to hear a foreign band sing in their own language. Comparisons with Rammstein are obvious although the music is very different.

Opening title track is a slice of Classic Ska, regardless of language. These guys have apparently been around for 10 albums, which surprised me as they sound fresh. This may be because Ratanplan record basically live. The sound is not over produced thankfully so what you here is pretty much what you get.

The entire album is a celebration of life, at least that’s what it feels like. I’ve been smiling and bopping along to it. 'Foodporn' and 'Kain Richtung Heimat' follow in the general trend of Stay Rebel. 'Maschine' mixes things up with a different beat, it’s still Ska but it’s a bit heavier, a bit gruffer. I like it; it gives a welcome change of pace.

'Nachtzug Nach Paris' sees another change in place and direction. Still a great beat but maybe a little more introspective; the song builds as it goes. 'Partytrick' is another slice of Classic Ska, think The Specials (singing in German obvs), and even reminds me of Bad Manners!

'Rudegirl From Outer Space' is pure Reggae, proof of the bands abilities. Although I don’t understand it the chorus is catchy as hell!

'Kill Den Spiegel', the penultimate track is another slow starter but builds to a fast paced song, sounds a lot more Indie than anything else, the brass section shows what it is made of. The album closes with 'The Rudel', Guitar led, stripped back and melancholy (again that’s what it feels like). The perfect way to close an album. Short and bitter sweet.

Overall I’m impressed, I may have to dig into Ratanplans back catalogue, it seems I may have another go to album when I want cheering up. 'Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel' gets a well deserved 5 stars from me.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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