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Jon Fratelli (The Fratellis) Releases New Single 'Evangeline'

Jon Fratelli - Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and front man of The Fratellis releases new single "Evangeline" out now! "Evangeline" is the third single taken from Jon’s forthcoming solo album. 'Bright Night Flowers' which will be released on February 15, 2019 via Cooking Vinyl. Jon talks about the new track by saying "'Evangeline' is a good example of a song that starts it's life heading in one direction and ends it in somewhere completely unexpected. When I first recorded this, stylistically it was more in the realms of a Spector-Esque "Wall Of Sound" piece, where it is now pays more of a homage to the kind of easy, Country strum which I always tend to gravitate back towards. Songs like this are so pliable that you can make them fit almost any style you want, to my ears this version is the one that suits the song best, allows it to breath and meander at it's own pace to take you where it needs to."

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