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Great Grief - 'Love, Lust And Greed' Album Review


1. Fluoxetine: Burden Me

2. Feeling Fine

3. Troubled Canvas

4. Escaping Reykjavík

5. Pathetic

6. Inhale The Smoke

7. The Nihilist Digest

8. Ivory (Lie)

9. God Sent

10. Roots (Love, Lust And Greed)

11. Ludge

Great Grief have been around for a while and their new album, 'Love, Lust and Greed' was released on 7th December 2018 - it’s been a long time waiting. The Icelandic band have work tirelessly to make this album work.

Now time to get into things with the drum skin punching of “Floxetine: Burden Me” - Great Grief are BACK! Their Hardcore roots bust through this track throughout, it’s almost like the band were told to run around a run and while creating the song, it’s so over the place and I adore it. Up next “Feeling Fine” - a track which is all a lie, when we say you’re feeling fine but really you’re not at all. This relates to anyone and everyone. There is a drop of Punk within Good Grief, which starts to show during “Feeling Fine”.

Now “Troubled Canvus” - it’s riff central from start to finish and the Post-Hardcore rough vocals complete a perfect mosh pit track. The next track reminds me of a good old naughties bands, the repetitive drum beat and guitar notes are catchy, I can’t help but nod my head! “Escaping Reykjavík” is my favourite track of the album so far. The Metal doesn’t stop - “Pathetic” is a high tempo track which gets you off your seat but lets be honest, were you really sitting down listening to this incredible album? Now time for something slower with “Inhale The Smoke” - a piano piece which busts into energy towards the end. Something I was not expecting.

Time for the heavy - “The Nihilist Digest” and single “Ivory (lie)” deliver just that. It’s stadium filling Rock is ready to take the world by storm! These tracks can sit comfortably in the top ten of any Rock playlist. Time for more of that Hardcore? “God Sent” is a slow starter but really picks up with its almost early MCR style but better, way better! A track about Icelandic people have to pay tax towards the church.

Next is “Roots (Love, Lust and Greed)” is the chuggy riffs we have been waiting for and it’s in your face if you like it or not. The softer vocals which feature may be a glimpse of what we could hear from Great Grief in the future. Ending with a mess of madness. Finally, we have “Ludge” a track which ties up any loose doubt you had, a strong finish.

Great Grief will be all over 2019 - their Punk like Hardcore sound is one which is unique and I for one have fallen in love with it.

Review - Jake Williams

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