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Cartographs Release New Single 'Peace Was Never Mine To Be Found'

The Copenhagen based Post-Rock band Cartographs have released their new single ‘Peace Was Never Mine To Be Found’. The song is included on their upcoming debut album ‘Wilt & Blossom’, to be released on March 1st 2019. With their new single Cartographs show that they've started a new chapter since starting their musical journey in 2014. Guitarist Caspar Schaap explains, “We have taken a much more genuine approach to the songwriting, wanting to write genuine pieces of music rather than just songs or tunes. The music is now much more grounded, much more organic than before and much more atmospheric. We feel like we have found our roots. We have put out hands in the dirt and found something primal in us all.” He continues, “We have come a long way since we started out. All our experiences both personally and as a band has led us here. This is what we are meant to be.”

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