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The Vintage Caravan – 'Gateways' Album Review


1. Set Your Sights

2. The Way

3. Reflections

4. On The Run

5 All This Time

6. Hidden Streams

7. Reset

8. Nebula

9. Farewell

10. Tune Out

11. The Chain

Someone once asked are you ready to Rock? If you are then buy this album now!

The biggest compliment I can give it is it sounds like it’s a long-lost album from the early 1970’s.

I don’t know much about this band, but I loved what I heard, play it loud and enjoy.

Is there anything original or new here? Not really. Could you put this on in any Rock bar and watch people nod their heads along quite happily? Of course!

The riffs are excellent, the singing sounds like a proper 70’s Rock star, all that’s missing is some dodgy jeans and disapproving older people and you’re good to go.

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Review - Iain McClay

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